Can FinTech outmuscle her traditional rivals?

Change is the only constant in the world that we live in today –

especially when we focus on technology. Remember the classic

Nokia 3310 phone? Or when we used to print photographs at Kodak

photo booths? Technology has disrupted industries which were

believed to be rock solid.

Sustainable investment A temporary trend or a booming business?

Sustainability – a buzzword we encounter at almost each edge of our life,

whether it might be in business, in private life, such as sustainable childcare, or

in large scale organizations like the UN. Recently, we are being presented the

combination of sustainability and investing. Should this be considered an

oxymoron or can it become a successful fit?

“The future of the euro is more uncertain than ever”                              PROF. MARC PETER RADKE

In an interview with Hochschule Furtwangen University Professor Marc Peter

Radke the Stocks Floor member Georgi Golubev had the opportunity to

discuss the complexity of the euro crisis and its future.

The European Union - Will it remain a success story?

The EU was initially founded by six European countries with the aim of

promoting peace and economic development. Over the years, the EU became more integrated and apart of greater economic freedom, closer political cooperation was established. Today Europeans benefit from a single market in which goods, people, capital and services move freely, allowing them to easily travel, live and work in EU member countries.

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