Team Finance

The main responsibilities of our finance team involves the budgeting for our organization’s events as well as securing the necessary financing for the actual completion of those events and projects. The team currently consists of four members along with a team lead who constantly work on Stocks Floor’s financial aspects to ensure that we can carry out interesting and exciting projects related to the financial world.


Furthermore, daily tasks of the finance team include the administration of the accounts, the management of payments connected to events and projects, as well as reporting to the board of Stocks Floor, consisting of the team leads and our president. Therefore, the communication and cooperation with the other teams is also of major importance when achieving our goal of promoting financial knowledge through workshops, excursions and projects.   


From the first stage of event planning on, the team is involved in making cost predictions and evaluating the need for the acquisition of additional funds for example through university-internal fundraising or through external sponsoring for larger projects. Furthermore, the subsequent assessment is another essential part that helps to further improve the financial planning of future events and thereby facilitating a sustainable development of Stocks Floor.

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