Team Event Management

The Events Management team is the second largest Stocks Floor VS e.V. team. It currently consists of ten student members from HFU University.  Team Events Management sees its responsibilities in initiating, planning and executing various events for Stocks Floor VS e.V. Events can be for internal as well as external purposes. Internal events are usually held twice a month with all members of Stocks Floor VS e.V., to discuss and inform all members about the latest developments within the organization and for team building purposes. External events on the other hand are held for all students and people interested and are mainly Speaker events and excursions. For the future Team Events Management plans to help initiating a Stock trading competition and general engagement with the stock exchange.


Team Events Management – exemplary activities

Fundraising such as Nikolaustag Food Sale, Weihnachtsmarkt am Campus and the Expressguthalle part. Allocating Stocks Floor VS e.V team members to support various activities

Providing logistic support (benches, tables) and setting up of the venue (banners, posters)

              Ensuring necessary equipment are in place


              Career fairs such as Financial Career Recruiting Day in Stuttgart

Arranging transport for student’s participation in the career fair


              Internal welcome evenings and meetings, Speaker events such as                                         Holger Scholze Speaker Event 

General setting up of the location, organizing food and drinks for the event

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